WillieNelsonWillie Nelson will release a new studio album titled, “God’s Problem Child,” on Friday, April 28. God’s Problem Child is a well crafted, 13  song edition to Nelson’s already extensive track record. The album will contain all new songs that Nelson wrote with some of his closets friends in the industry.

The album is a reflection on mortality while marveling at the beauty and absurdity of it all. God’s Problem Child finds Willie Nelson at one of the creative peaks of his career, writing and singing with the seasoned wit and wisdom that can only come from the kind of life he’s living. One of Willie’s new songs, “Still Not Dead,” pokes fun at the many exaggerated reports of his demise he’s heard over the years while “Delete and Fast-Forward” is Willie’s unabashed analysis of the 2016 United States elections and how to deal with the aftermath.



God’s Problem Child will be available on CD, 12″ vinyl LP, or digitally, arriving April 29– just in time for Nelson’s 84th bithday. Exclusive fan product offerings can be purchased at pledgemusic.com/willienelson