Tyminski has taken a different approach in his musical career with his new solo project that combines his bluegrass roots with modern pop and southern gospel.

On the album “Southern Gothic,” Tyminski found a new key collaborator: Nashville songwriter Jesse Frasure whose credits include tracks for Florida Georgia Line and Meghan Trainor. Tyminski also credits Frasure for the unique sound the songwriter helped produce. In reference to Frasure the singer/songwriter told us, “I met someone who is not just brilliant but also very brave and was not afraid to go outside of the box, to make things work.”

The project was unveiled during an industry gathering in Nashville, where Tyminki screened several videos for the album’s tunes. In the beginning of the album’s journey, Tyminski made a list of songs that made sense to record. Initially the project had 21 or 22 songs on the list. To keep a unity in the message, the team had to discard a few songs. Tyminski explained, “A lot of my writing, what I really lean towards, it’s very visually-oriented. There’s a lot of contrast of light and dark.” Once the theme was chosen, the songs were easier to gather for the project.

At this point, Tyminski is open for possible licensing for the music to be placed in TV or movies. “I want to think the song will go wherever it belongs,” he told us. The title track “Southern Gothic” has such a movie-appeal and the performer agreed it deserves some special opportunities. Stay tuned for more videos to go along with the music on the project.

Tyminski recently performed the new music at Nashville’s iconic Grimey’s, where they heard just his vocals accompanied by a solo guitar which gave the singer a special spotlight to showcase his lyrical abilities.

On the 11 track project, check out well-crafted songs, “Hollow Hallelujah,” “Perfect Poison,” and “Bloodline”.

You can find more information at https://southerngothic.tyminskimusic.com/

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