TobyKeithToby Keith is a Hall of Fame songwriter. He’s one of the most accomplished musical entertainers of his era, continuing to fill venues on his current tour. He’s also well-respected as a business man. Sadly, he’s not quite as accomplished with a golf club in his hand. In fact, he’s happy to say he’s a “Shitty Golfer,” as he does on the latest release from The Bus Songs.

Available now as an instant gratification download with pre-order of the 12-song collection, “Shitty Golfer” doesn’t beat around the bush … unless that’s where the ball happened to land:

I’m a shitty golfer, you can ask my wife
I’ve been out there hackin’ every day of my life
I got all the shorts and all the plaid sweaters
That new Taylor Made driver didn’t make me any better

“Shitty Golfer” is a perfect representation of everything The Bus Songs is about. While Toby Keith has created some of the most played music ever heard, he’s also written more than a few songs that simply aren’t destined for airplay. A dozen of those tunes – mostly written after hours on a tour bus – are collected on the album, set for a September 8 release.

Titles include “Runnin’ Block,” “Hell No,” “Call A Marine,” “The Critic” and the already released “Wacky Tobaccy,” whose accompanying music video features Willie Nelson and has quickly become a surprise runaway viral hit, amassing more than 9 million views since its posting. From adult humor to hilarious over-imbibing, the album’s songs fill in the gaps in Keith’s prodigious catalog with the cuts and live recordings too good to hold back. And “Shitty Golfer” does anything but hold back, even at the author’s expense.

“Shitty Golfer”

The Bus Songs track listing:
1. Shitty Golfer
2. Wacky Tobaccy
3. Runnin’ Block *
4. Brand New Bow
5. Call A Marine
6. Hell No *
7. The Critic *
8. The Size I Wear
9. Ballad of Balad *
10. Rum Is The Reason
11. Weed With Willie (Live) *
12. Get Out Of My Car (Live)

*newly recorded versions