This past weekend, as America was celebrating Independence Day and shooting off fireworks, The Country Network (TCN) launched its broadcast in two more viewership markets: Oklahoma City and Memphis–KBZC (UHF Channel 42) and WQEK (UHF Channel 18/PSIP Channel 36) respectively. These two markets will add well over a million DMA market households to TCN’s initial 40+ million DMA household-reach across digital subchannel tiers since the network was announced just over three months ago.

“This is just the beginning,” remarks Tim Eaton, President and CEO of The Country Network, whose growth expansion strategy is to reach 100 million DMA households within the next three years.

“We believe that once fans find us, they are going be very excited about the kinds of shows we are putting together. It’s not just about broadcasting the latest mainstream videos but about showcasing all the great music we can find, including music from Americana, Texas and Red Dirt artists,” explains Eaton. “We want to provide an unparalleled platform for exposure and give fans not only the opportunity to know their favorite artists better, but to discover new artists who are out on the roads and in the clubs building huge fan bases and creating incredible buzz with their music.”

With an office in Nashville, Tenn. and a 43,000 square foot recording/production facility with three sound studios located in Fort Worth, TX, in their first 90 days of operation, The Country Network has already captured over 100 hours of content for assembly into a number of new original series to be rolled out with the fall lineup.

The rapidly expanding, innovative network seeks to provide fans with quality Country music programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across multiple digital platforms, as well as online at

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