Kenny Chesney earns some metal with his Trip Around the Sun Tour

Few artists love writing songs, finding songs and playing songs as much as Kenny Chesney. Over the course of 20 albums, 15 of new music, the kid from East Tennessee has created some of the 21st century’s most enduring classics. With his Trip Around the Sun Tour heading into its final weekends, all of those songs are now certified [...]

Kenny Chesney kicks off his Trip Around the Sun Tour

When the stage alone weighs 360,000 pounds, it takes a whole lot of muscle, brains, and technology to make Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour go off without a hitch for the No Shoes Nation. On Saturday, April 21, the man The Wall Street Journal called “The King of the Road” will debut another state of the art sound system, as [...]

Kenny Chesney tour dates includes Amphitheaters and Stadiums

Everyone knows: nobody does stadium shows like Kenny Chesney! With an armful of No. 1s, a high-energy band and the energy to throw his songs to the seats at the top of the other end zone, The Wall Street Journal crowned him “The King of the Road.” But for the songwriter/superstar from East Tennessee, there is an [...]

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Kenny Chesney announces stadium portion of Trip Around The Sun Tour

Kenny Chesney announced the stadium portion of his 2018 Trip Around The Sun Tour, and it comes at no better time -- the eight-time ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year prepares for his 30-song live recording, Live from No Shoes Nation, to drop October 27, and he's also been given a few weeks to [...]

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