Cole Swindell debuts his new music video for “Break Up In The End”

In March, chart-topping singer/songwriter Cole Swindell released the time-warping music video for his now Top 15 and rising single “Break Up In The End”– but the story didn’t stop there. Told through a series of pre-release tracks from his upcoming album All of It, due August 17 and available now for pre-order, Swindell wove a love story that began at its end. [...]

Cole Swindell reveals his album cover and track listing

Cole Swindell, honoring his fans and one of the reasons he wrote “The Ones Who Got Me Here” for his new album, revealed the album cover to his fans first on Monday and followed with sharing the track listing with them last night for his upcoming third album, All of It. The highly anticipated third album for Warner Bros. / Warner Music [...]

Cole Swindell is most added at country radio with ‘Break Up In The End’

Rising superstar Cole Swindell racks up MOST ADDED at country radio with the release of his 9th career single “Break Up In The End.” “Break Up In The End,” written by Jon Nite, Chase McGill and Jessie Jo Dillon is the debut single from his upcoming third Warner Bros. Records album. “Break Up In The End,” his 9th career single, follows [...]

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