maxresdefaultShelby Lynne & Allison Moorer will perform at City Winery on September 1 in support of their highly-anticipated upcoming release Not Dark Yet (out August 18). The new album is an extraordinary debut of their transcendent musical bond. With 24 releases between them, as well as Grammy, Oscar, and numerous other nominations. This is the first time that Lynne & Moorer have collaborated on an album, and the first time they’ve toured together since 2010.

Hear the stunning title track “Not Dark Yet” via NPR Music Songs We Love.

Not Dark Yet offers a glimpse into that understanding. This is not a duet record, and it’s no ordinary collaboration. The new album is a celebration of something that has always been, two voices becoming one and finding home within each other.

Not Dark Yet provides a potent look at the sisters’ individual and collective artistry through eclectic song choices from writers including the Louvin Brothers, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain, and Jessie Colter. Shelby and Allison wrap their arms around the past while planting their feet in the present. Listen to the pair’s take on a Louvin Brothers’ classic “Every Time You Leave”, featured at Rolling Stone Country HERE. Not Dark Yet was produced by Teddy Thompson and recorded in Los Angeles.