shania_twain_final_tour_dates_2015After tweeting that she’d be talking to Corden about new music on the Late Late Show with James Corden, Twain did not announce any news about an upcoming album or single.  Her fans have taken to social media to voice their disappointment.

Twain has been talking about releasing a new album for a years now, but back in February, she revealed to Rolling Stone that she had plans to release a new single in March and a new album in May.  Since making those statements, no new music has materialized.

Twain revealed in an interview to Press-Enterprise in San Bernadino that her new music has been officially push back to a fall release.  She will be performing at the Stagecoach Festival on April 29 where she plans to play new music for the crowd.

The country songstress also hinted about getting back on the road, even though she previously said that her 2015 Rock This Country Tour would be her last.  She explained, “I really loved being on tour and had the best time and it kind of ended too soon.  I think as my son gets older I will pick up where I left off and carry on and do more at some point.  I felt like at that time maybe that was all I had left in me.  I really felt that way, but I was so energized by the tour and by the fans. vFor the first time in my career, I really felt like it was easier, and the fans really gave me more than ever before for some reason.”