Joey Feek passed away in March, but her husband Rory Feek is dedicating a documentary to her. In his blog, This Life I Live, he revealed that he had spent yesterday (June 15) remembering how he and Joey had met. Joey had been playing at a small cafe that Joey happened to walk into; the couple had their wedding reception at the cafe and it’s where Rory went to remember his late wife on their anniversary that was yesterday. Rory mentioned that he wanted to give her a gift that would be a tribute to her life; “Joey and I have a friend named Ben that runs Provident Films here in Nashville and like many others, he has been following our story and hurting and praying for us for the last year or so,” he writes on his blog. “When I shared some of the hundreds-of-hours of footage with Ben that I had been putting together the last couple months, he and his team offered to help turn that footage in to something greater than just a few small videos on the blog that I write. To turn it into a film.”

To Joey, With Love shows footage from before the birth of their daughter Indiana up to last spring when they found out there was nothing more doctors could do to help his wife. It will air in theaters all across the US on September 20th, just days after her birthday. In his blog, Rory writes, “my wife will get the chance to live again. On a movie screen, her heart will start beating and her story will come to life once more and it will be my gift to her. And to our girls. And to our friends and family and all who loved her …  And maybe, just maybe…someone might find some encouragement in it.”