RhondaVincentDaryleSingletaryDaryle Singletary and Rhonda Vincent team up to debut their new duets project “American Grandstand” releasing on July 7th. The project delivers real traditional country music with a unique American twist. This must-have album will be released via Upper Management Music, and fans can order American Grandstand HERE.

“I’ve always loved singing with Daryle Singletary. He’s one of the greatest singers in this generation of country music,” said Vincent. “It’s so fun to sing with someone who challenges me as a singer. The songs were given great thought, along with one that was totally unexpected. It’s one of the best projects I’ve ever been part of. I am so proud of this recording, and I cannot wait for the world to hear our wonderful creation, American Grandstand.”


See the performers discuss the track “Slowly But Surely” down below: