Tim-McGraw-Faith-Hill-BahamasWhere do Tim McGraw and Faith Hill go when they want to take a break from being country superstars? Well, they’re chilling on their private island in the Bahamas.

Architectural Digest was given the details on their own 20-acre island. According to the magazine, they purchased L’île d’Anges in 2003, but it was a much bigger project than they could have dreamt.

“We set out to build a house. We had no idea we had to build everything else,” Hill tells AD. “We basically had to build a little town.”

They needed all the basics including electricity — and even running water! Tim and Faith enlisted the help of a Nashville architecture and interior design firm, McAlpine. Architect Bobby McAlpine and his partner, Greg Tankersley, worked with McGraw and Hill to create a private paradise for the couple specifically.

“We wanted to feel connected to the outside,” Hill says. “When the breeze comes through the room, it’s just life-changing… It really is! It’s something for the soul.”

“We wanted it set up so that when we brought people down, they’d get the same feeling that we got when we first came,” her husband explains. “The same reaction to the pristineness of it, to how relaxed it feels. The house is functional but it really blends into the environment.”

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