OldDominionAcclaimed RCA Nashville country rockers Old Dominion and premium light lager brand Bud Light’s special partnership has now grown from one show in Nashville on July 24 to SIX more in August including stops in Los Angeles (August 15), Chicago (August 22), Grand Rapids (August 23), Cleveland (August 28), Cincinnati (August 29) and New York City (August 30).


Fans in each city can click HERE for more details and to register for tickets.


Date               Venue                                    City, State

8/15                Harvard & Stone                    Los Angeles, CA

8/22               Bub City                                  Chicago, IL

8/23               Backforty Saloon                   Grand Rapids, MI

8/28               McCarthy’s Downtown         Cleveland, OH

8/29               The Drinkery                         Cincinnati, OH

8/30               Arlene’s Grocery                   New York, NY


Fans who are able to gain access to each special show will get a first listen of Old Dominion’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Happy Endings,which releases surrounding the Old Dominion Bud Light Dive Bar Shows on August 25th.


Pre-Order or Pre-Save Happy Endings HERE.