carolineSixteen-year-old sensation, Caroline Dare, released her fearless new EP “Me,” to her adoring fans on April 14th. This six song masterpiece, produced by studio genius Greg Bates, showcases Dare’s abilities way beyond her years. Dare is no stranger to success with such a strong online community pushing her onward. With all her dedication and support, Dare has opened for several country super stars like The Band Perry, Chris Young, Kellie Pickler, and Montgomery Gentry who have encouraged her to create hit after hit.

Young Dare adds a new wave of country flair to her writing style. She keeps her songs youthful and fun while still being relatable and ever so catchy. One of the stand out songs from her new EP is the song it derives its name from—“Me.” This song is an unapologetic ode to the art of being ones self. Dare encourages listeners with this tune to be the person they are destined to be.

She continues on her pattern of feel good tunes with the classic school-girl crush song, “You Caught Me Crushin.’” With this one, Dare reminds us all what it’s like to have an innocent crush. With lyrics like “I’m the New York to your city lights// You’re the football to my Friday night,” the listener is instantly reminded of those school girl crushes we’re all bound to have.

Caroline Dare’s EP “Me” perfectly encompasses a modern, youthful sound that any country fan will enjoy. Her approach to embracing the best “you” possible translates to any and every listener out there–making this EP a feel good classic.