CharlieRogersCharlie Rogers releases his latest music video for his song “Jericho.” The tune is receiving buzz for the heartfelt lyrics, which have drawn comparisons to music from Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban


Rogers explained to us about the video and said, “I wanted the video to reflect the song both in simplicity & intimacy. I didn’t want to do some grandiose video that didn’t fit the narrative. Originally, I believe the idea was to do a one-take video in a studio with the other players in black & white, but I thought that felt a little played out. So, we dove a little deeper into the intimacy of the song and got something I’m incredibly proud of.”


Diving deeper into the meaning of the song, Rogers reflects by saying, “While on the surface ‘Jericho’ is directed towards the character herself, the song is actually a lot more introspective than that. I had gone through a bad breakup at the time and needed a reminder to come back out into the world and give love another chance. ‘Jericho’ is a message to myself and anyone else that it’s okay to feel pain, but at some point, you need to bring down your walls.”


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