0C5B0C19-3D3B-4706-A441-9CEF2B90D3B9She’s stunning, spunky and continues to be a global music and inspirational icon. This spring, Naomi Judd brings that energetic flare to the April issue of First For Women as she opens up about the wellness strategies that keep her looking and feeling her absolute best. She also shares common sense beauty tips and the advice Oprah Winfrey gave her years ago that’s even more relevant today.

Naomi will also be a guest on CBS’ The Talk March 30 and Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family April 2. Judd is opening up about her new paperback re-release of “River of Time: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope.” CLICK HERE to purchase.

March 30
The Talk
2pm ET
1pm PT/CT
Listings here

April 2
Home & Family
10am ET / 10am PT on Cable
(7amPT DirecTV)
Repeats April 3
12pm ET / 12pm PT, Cable, 9am DirecTV
Listings here

This summer the country music icon will return to the ball field for the City of Hope 28th Annual Celebrity Softball Game in Nashville, Tenn. Naomi participated in the game in the late 80s and early 90s and is dusting off her glove to return as a play-by-play Guest Announcer Saturday, June 9. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

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