Written by: Mariah Crom

Boulder is Krystal Keith’s exciting first release since the birth of her daughter in 2015 and the recovery from a serious car accident just last year. Including 5 tracks and a duet with Lance Carpenter, the EP follows her debut album Whiskey & Lace, where Keith’s primary focus was showing off her impressive versatility with sound. Now with Boulder fans are given an even bigger sense of who she is as an artist and is reflective of the direction she hopes to go.

The title track and one of the most intense songs on the album details the pain of a toxic relationship. Keith sings“You know just where to strike if you want to make a mark on me/ You know how to get it right to make sure that I bleed” “The world’s gonna throw stones and I’ll brush it off my shoulder/ but you could throw a pebble and it’d hit me like a boulder.” Penned by Emily Weisband, Benjy Davis and Mike Walker, the ballad does a remarkable job showcasing the Oklahoma artist’s bold vocal range and ability.

In ‘Anyone Else’, Keith pairs up with Lance Carpenter, the track’s writer and co-writer for Kelsea Ballerini’s No. 1 hit “Love Me Like You Mean It”. The duo’s voices beautifully compliment one another to tell the story of a couple who will go to all lengths for “the one”, despite the fighting and hardships that come with a relationship.

Taking the EP in a more lighthearted direction, ‘Resting Beach Face’ is full of fun and personality. The sassy tune is all about beach days, Ray Bans, Coronas and…no cute boys! Just a free day with the girls, without the pressures of being “romantical”, “conversational”, or laughing at his jokes while he’s blocking all the sun rays!

Keith has succeeded with Boulder in highlighting her range as a vocalist, writer, and artist, and will appeal to her current fans while grabbing the attention of new ones.

Krystal Keith