KipMoore2017Kip Moore is set to release his new project on Friday Sept. 8th, which includes his current radio single ‘More Girls Like You’ and the tune his tour is named, ‘Plead the Fifth’. Moore also filmed a documentary around the album which began in his childhood home but continued into adventurous places. Digging deep for his new music, Moore wanted to showcase this perspective.

“The reason I took four months off, it was the first time I stepped away from music in 13 years since I moved here. That’s all I’ve done is write, write, write and record. It’s a taxing gig. I just needed to find some balance and recharge my soul in the best way that I could,” Moore reflected.

Moore is also dedicated to helping out youth in inner cities by building skate parks. The singer is partnering with longtime skating celebrity Tony Hawk to bring the ultimate concert & skating experience.

“I think what’s always driven me at my core, throughout my career, was to one day have the capability to make a major impact in inner cities around the country,” said Moore. “I was never a true skater, but always admired the brotherhood of the skating community. Having a chance to team up with a guy like Tony, who’s so respected for all he does, is beyond what I could’ve imagined. I’m super stoked to combine what we do, as we both share similar visions.”

The event will take place on September 10th at the Music City Walk of Fame park in downtown Nashville. Funds raised will go towards “Kip’s Kids Fund” and Hawk’s “Tony Hawk Foundation” with the goal of benefiting and empowering youth plus helping rebuild homes in Houston after the devastating hurricane.

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