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Singer/songwriter Kip Moore celebrated a major milestone last night, as his breakout debut album UP ALL NIGHT was certified PLATINUM by the RIAA. Moore was surprised by Universal Music Group Nashville’s Mike Dungan and Cindy Mabe with a commemorative plaque during an intimate event, hosted by CMT’s Leslie Fram, as he shared more insight into his upcoming third studio album SLOWHEART, available on Sept. 8.

There is no doubt that Kip Moore has faced many battles in his past. The Journey to Slowheart shows how people, places, and experiences influenced who he is today. The documentary begins with footage in his hometown at his mother’s house. He drives around the town reminiscing on the good times with his parents and siblings. It is apparent that there are several key people in his life that have really had an influence on him and his views. He talks about his sister and “biggest hero” who was paralyzed from the waist down after a bad car accident when she was in high school. She describes Kip as being the most “caring brother who would do anything to help her.” He talks about his father, who passed away about 5 years ago and the heartbreak that goes along with that. He also talks about a man he met in Cancun, who has cancer, but he does not let that stop him. Kip says that it is “important to surround myself with people who really appreciate the small things in life.”

Kip then describes how traveling really helped him clear his head. He decided to take a break from touring to see the world and for self-exploration. He traveled to Hawaii, Cancun, and Iceland. He traveled to Iceland with one of his best friends that he met in Nashville when he first moved there. He loves the solitude of Iceland, and how it is so beautiful, but it has the ability to crush you at any minute.” Traveling gave Kip a new perspective on life and allowed him to recharge.

Kip was very involved in the production of his new album. He not only wrote most of the songs, but he felt that it was important that he produce half of the songs on the record as well. He mentioned that this his most special album yet and it is turned out exactly how he had envisioned. Kip said that his record label did not even know he was making the record at first, he kept it pretty quiet by writing and recording himself.

At the end of the documentary, he talks about his life as a singer/songwriter. He said that he used to base success on the number of awards and accolades, but now his outlook is very different. He says: “I get to wake up every day and do what I love that this is success to me.”

He sang 3 songs from the album and then he showed his music video for his song, “The Bull.”

@kipmooremusic talking about what influenced his new album #SlowHeart. And he even sang a few songs from the record!

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