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Review written by: Katelyn Hickman

The 2016 CMA Awards’ Pinnacle award winner, Kenny Chesney has done it again with his album, Cosmic Hallelujah, proving he is the king of feel-good, sing along country music.  The album, originally titled Some Town Somewhere and set to release back in July, received the new title and release date of October 28, due to a new sound Chesney developed for the album.

Part of that new sound is due to the hit single, “Setting the World on Fire” featuring pop sensation P!nk.  P!nk agreed to be a part of the song, leading to Chesney believing the album collectively felt like a “cosmic hallelujah.”  Songs like “Trip Around the Sun,” “Bar at the End of the World,” and “Bucket” are classic Chesney – they will have listeners craving a trip to the beach with a drink in their hand. 

Another standout track is “Noise,” which served as the album’s kickoff single.  The song, written by Chesney, Shane McAnally, Jon Nite, and Ross Copperman, touches on the distractions that get in the way of enjoying the natural beauty of life.  Chesney explains the song as “socially relevant,” as social media and phones, among millions of other things, continue to compete for our undivided attention.

Having been two years since the release of Chesney’s The Big Revival, country music fans are sure to be ready for new music from Kenny, and Cosmic Hallelujah will definitely not disappoint both dedicated and new fans alike.