KeithUrbanKelseaBallerini2017Friday, Keith Urban will present new music to his fans on his Graffiti U album. This project is the highly anticipated follow up to Urban’s Ripcord collection, which dropped nearly two years ago.

“There were no parameters or preconceived ideas,” Urban says.  “I began this process with a completely blank canvas. Every initial spark is organic and then expanded upon, like the art of graffiti, so the name really fit the music. I also liked the idea of ‘you’ the listener (or the audience), because this is an inclusive experience. And because of my last name we had a little grammatical fun and shortened it to U.”

A soaring spirit spray-painted right from the heart, Urban’s curiosity powers each moment on Graffiti U and the very title speaks to that personal and passionate vibrancy, vitality and vision.

“I’ve always been creatively curious and I follow that passionately,” Urban says. “That’s why I work with different people, and on this album predominantly new people, giving me an opportunity to discover new musical sides of myself.”

Graffiti U, which has already seen the release of “Female” and “Coming Home,” features over thirty songwriting, producer and featured guest performance credits, including Greg Wells, Dann Huff, Mike Elizondo, Ed Sheeran, Ross Copperman, JHart, Julia Michaels, Nicolle Galyon, J.R. Rotem, Shane McAnally, Shy Carter and a signature lick for “Coming Home,” which credits Merle Haggard as one of its songwriters. Urban himself is a writer or producer on all but one of Graffiti U‘s songs.

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