JAB2016Josh Abbott Band made their national TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with their song “Wasn’t That Drunk,” featuring Carly Pearce. We chatted with the drummer of JAB, Edward Villanueva, about the experience.

When asked what the band’s feelings were for the Kimmel performance Villanueva says, “That’s a dream come true, that’s one of the things we talked about as a band saying ‘one of these days we are going to be on a late night, what are we going to do?'” he continues that he and the fiddle player were going to commemorate the experience by getting tattoos but never followed through. Regardless after 9 years of performing in the band, the milestone did not go unappreciated.

“Wasn’t That Drunk,” has opened up some doors for the band- the tune originally was on-hold for Lady Antebellum & Little Big Town before being pitched to Josh Abbott who had to be convinced to cut the tune, which added a little more pop influence to their style. Plus the song required a female singer; collaborations aren’t new to the band though, JAB recorded with fellow Texan performer Kacey Musgraves, who Josh Abbott calls ‘the female savior of country music’.

Villanueva states, “We are expanding our roots, we aren’t changing our style; everything is authentic sounding- what you hear on the album, is what you will hear live…no drum tracks.”

The music video for “Wasn’t that Drunk,” also had a funny story- Villanueva states the band was enjoying drinks on-set, while shooting the video.

Villanueva joked, “They told us to ‘enjoy yourselves but don’t get too drunk’!” The next day the band had to be ready for their photo-shoot for the single’s promotion.

Texas music is becoming a staple with country fans- recently JAB performed in Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom where fans were lined up down the street to hear the new music the band released on their latest album “Front Row Seat.” Other tunes notable on the project include “Amnesia,” and “Live It While You Got It.”

Look out for possible new single from the band- “Amnesia,” which was co-written by Josh Abbott with well-known Nashvillian Shane McAnally who also co-wrote “Fuzzy” for Randy Rogers Band.

Find out more from the band and tour dates at http://www.joshabbottband.com/