After the passing of Joey Feek, her husband Rory and daughter Indiana are settling into their new life. Indiana, the couple’s 2 year old daughter, was born with Down Syndrome and Joey was planning on homeschooling her when the time came, but, things have changed for Indiana. On Rory’s blog This Life I Live, he shares that during the month of January, he and Joey were researching the second best option for their daughter, which led them to find a place called High Hopes. High Hopes is located in Franklin, TN and is a developmental center and preschool where Indiana will be attending. Rory writes that when he showed Joey the developmental center, she said “that’s the one honey… that’s the one” and wiped tears from her eyes.

Half of the school is a preschool and the other half is a developmental center, but around 40% of the kids have special needs. Indiana has been going to the preschool a few days a week for the last week and a half and Rory writes that “[she is] is loving every minute of it”. Rory shares that when he came to pick her up on her first day, the teacher told him that Indiana had found a toy of a man she would hold up and sign “Papa”. Of course, the toy was of a blonde man wearing overalls, resembling her dad. He admits that it has been a struggle, but that they’re doing “as well as can be expected”. Their daughter has begun speech classes and physical therapy to teach her to walk, and Rory says “I can hardly imagine how special it will be when the time finally comes that she can walk beside me and talk with me”.