Written by: McKennan Henninger

Joe Nichols keeps traditional country music alive in his new album, Never Gets Old. Bringing in touches of modern country, the album is nothing short of addicting. The album includes songs co-written by Chris Stapleton, Chris Janson, Tom Shapiro and many more esteemed writers.

The song “Billy Graham’s Bible” was also included on Nichols’ album Crickets, but he didn’t want to let go of it just yet. He shared that the message of the song is “everything has its place in the world and my place is with you.”

Title track “Never Gets Old,” written by Steve Moakler and Connie Harrington, is a sweet song about a love that he will never get tired of.

While “We All Carry Something,” written by Westin Davis and Justin Weaver, hits deep with it’s serious themes, Nichols also included some fun songs on the record.  A country-rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” was included on the album, originally a song that Nichols started performing at shows as a joke on his band before it turned into more than that.

Fans who have been longing for a new project from Nichols since the release of his album “Crickets” nearly 4 years ago will agree, Never Gets Old was well worth the wait.

Joe Nichols- Never Gets Old Album