Jennifer NettlesJennifer Nettles recently conducted a SurveyMonkey questionnaire with her fan base about their relationship habits. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Nettles is unveiling the results. Of the 500 people contacted, 47% were male and 53% were female.

When Jennifer’s fans fall in love, they fall hard. In fact, of those surveyed, over 50% said the longest relationship they’ve ever been in lasted 10 years or more. The results further concluded 50% are married, while nearly 20% are in a relationship but not married.

While most had experienced long-term relationships, they’re no strangers to heartbreak. While 54% said most of their previous relationships ended face-to-face, 21% were iced out, causing their relationship to fade away.

After past breakups, a whopping 80% tend to reevaluate their life goals while spending time with loved ones.

When it came to post-breakup rituals, 40% spend a few days in bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream, 29% start a new fitness routine, 23% hit the town for a night out and 8% enjoy a weekend getaway.

When asked which artist of any genre has the best music for dealing with a split, one respondent exclaimed, “any female with powerhouse vocals that sings empowering songs!” With her charismatic vocals and artistic versatility, Jennifer is undeniably leading the pack with dynamic vocals throughout her catalogue of affirming songs like “Unlove You,” “Hey Heartbreak” and “Stay.”

Sheinelle Jones, a host on NBC’s TODAY show concurred. While Jennifer co-hosted the 9:00A hour last Thursday (2/9), Sheinelle raved about “Hey Heartbreak” citing “it’s an empowering song,” while even admitting that the night before she took a moment by herself and had an epic dance party to the track.

Watch Jennifer’s “Hey Heartbreak” music video now.

The single is an anchor on her critically-acclaimed sophomore solo album, PLAYING WITH FIRE, which marked the first of two full-length albums she released in 2016. The multi-talented entertainer is carrying the momentum into 2017 as part of the lineup for the annual C2C Festival in London, Glasgow and Dublin March 10-12 and will headline the 2017 Women’s Final Four concert in Dallas, TX on Saturday, April 1. For tour dates and the latest updates, visit