Jeannie Seely celebrated her 51 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on September 16, 2018. Her induction took place on September 16, 1967, and was less of a formal ceremony when she was inducted. Last year for her 50th Anniversary celebration, Seely told us, “It’s really changed, they didn’t do an induction and they didn’t ask you at a venue back then,” but that didn’t stop the singer from wanting her place on the iconic country music show. “I wanted the Grand Ole Opry for as long as I could remember, and I knew it took a hit record.” While the singer was rising on the charts for her song “Don’t Touch Me,” it took the help of her agent and manager to finally get her a chance to be invited to join as long as she committed to performing at the Opry. “I wish Howell was still with us to see that I’m here 50 years later, I think he would be proud of that.”

Seely is the 6th woman in country music history to have a 50th Anniversary along with Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, as well as the late country artists Jean Shepard, Wilma Lee Cooper, and Minnie Pearl. (Digital Journal)

You can see more in our interview down below from last year’s backstage celebration: