Five-tHunter Hayesime Grammy  nominee Hunter Hayes, with support from Samsung Electronics America, Inc, has generously gifted $100,000 to the CMA Foundation to fully renovate the well-worn music room at the Nashville School of the Arts, home to 621 students in Davidson County. Hayes has always supported and noted the importance of having a dedicated work space in schools for students to bolster their creative inspiration.

“I’ve always loved what music and charity organizations can do together, and I believe every child should have a place in school that allows them to discover more about their passions and be creative,” shared Hayes. “Thanks to the support of Samsung, CMA Foundation and numerous sponsors, we are able to help restore the Nashville School of the Arts guitar lab and give the students the necessary tools to practice and grow as musicians and artists.”

The month-long renovation to create a state-of-the-art guitar lab and recording studio kicks-off on Wednesday, October 4 with two performances for the entire school and community by Hayes at the Nashville School of the Arts.

An ambassador for the school’s music program, Hayes will not only be restoring their guitar lab but also creating a working recording studio thanks in large part to generous partners. Once the build is complete, Hayes, with help from the CMA Foundation, will implement a masterclass series, inviting fellow industry colleagues, artists and friends to mentor students in the music program.

Hayes will also perform as part of The Grand Ole Opry’s 92nd Birthday Bash where he is enlisting NSA students to join him on the Opry’s hallowed stage for two performances.

“Nashville School of the Arts is profoundly grateful for Hunter Hayes. His generosity in providing the new recording studio will allow our students to develop their remarkable talents as performs and future music industry leaders,” said Nashville School of the Arts’ Executive Principle Dr. Gregory Stewart. “Without exception, everyone involved in the project has worked tirelessly to make Hunter’s vision a reality. The CMA Foundation Board and Tiffany Kerns continue to model what a true private/public partnership should be. The support CMA provides Music Makes Us, our music program in MNPS, and NSA specifically affords our students opportunities that couldn’t exist otherwise. Country artists are the most generous people anywhere and we are very fortunate to live in Music City, USA.”