Brennin2018New artist Brennin is making his latest single debut just in time for Valentine’s Day. The pop-contemporary country singer/songwriter will debut on Friday (02/09) his new romantic, sexy song “Dress Down.” Check it out down below!

Brennin hit the music scene in Nashville back in 2007 and signed a publishing deal shortly after his move.  The singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist was soon featured on numerous television shows including Ellen Degeneres and The X-Factor, where Simon Cowell praised the talented singer as having a “brilliant voice, with a great charisma that could be turned into a great artist.”

Brennin has since then appeared on ABC’s hit series “Nashville” as Sullivan Fitzgerald. Recently signed to William Morris Endeavour and Deluge Music, the singer-songwriter earned his latest cut, “I Can’t Do This,” on Vince Gill’s 2016 album “Down To My Last Bad Habit” and has toured the Middle East and Europe performing for the United States Military. Last year he was featured in Rolling Stone’s 10 New Country Artists You Need To Know. Brennin partnered with YWCA for his last single, “Rip off the Rearview” which features Vince Gill and gave 50% of iTunes sales to YWCA. His newest single, “Dress Down” will be available to stream/download on February 9, 2018.

We chatted with Brennin about the latest tune plus his collaboration with Vince Gill.

NCC: Where did the song “Dress Down” originate?

Brennin: I co-wrote it with Adam James and Tofer Brown. Started out with the main riff and groove I had. It felt like a sexy sound so we took it to the sheets with it lyrically.

NCC: What has been your most romantic gesture?


Brennin: Full body massages are my wife’s favorite. I’m sure she’d say I don’t give them enough. :)
NCC: Will there be a music video for the “Dress Down” song?


Brennin: It all depends on how well the song reacts with the audience. I hope we can shoot one. It would be a fun one to do.


NCC: What do you enjoy most as a songwriter?


Brennin: Creating something from nothing, producing it in the studio, then sitting back and listening to the final work. It never gets old. I literally cried.
NCC: How was the experience to have Vince Gill collaborate on your song “Rip off the Rearview”?


Brennin: The night I got Vince’s recorded vocal, I sat in my studio, solo’d up my voice with his, and just cried. It is pretty amazing hearing a voice you worshiped growing up harmonizing with yours on YOUR song. Unreal.


NCC: Will there be some live show dates in the future?


Brennin: We are working on that now.


NCC: How was the experience working on the show, “Nashville”?


Brennin: It was my first acting experience. Everyone was very generous and kind to me, especially Oliver Hudson. He helped me relax and have fun. I’d say I became a little addicted to the process and will definitely be pursuing acting again at some point again. But music will always be first and foremost.

Check out the song “Dress Down” down below: