StevieMonceStevie Monce is known for his unique style of music that combines classic rock ‘n’ roll with an unmistakable southern flair. Nashville-based artist Stevie Monce is setting the music scene on fire with the release of his new EP, Stay On Fire, on July 13th.

This Friday, Monce will debut his new single “Named This Town You,” which he chatted with us about the story behind the tune. You can hear it first here down below. The project was also produced by Love and Theft’s Stephen Barker-Liles.

NCC: what inspired you to do a concept album?

When I was planning this album – I told myself I was going to make the album I would want to listen to so I planned this one out to tell a story from front to back just like the way I grew up listening to records.

NCC: Tell us the story behind the song “Named This Town You”

 “Named This Town You” is a song full of imagery.  It paints a picture of not only every small town but also every small town relationship.  Growing up we all go through breakups and think it’s the end of the world, that we will never find another person to make us feel that way again. The truth is that we do move on but this song is about that tough time between losing love and finding love again; that time where anything and everything down to a green light in town reminds you of what you lost and you just can’t seem to get away from the memories.


NCC: How did Stephen Barker Liles and you meet? And what was it like working with him?

 Stephen Liles and I met when I first moved to Midtown in Nashville. In fact, I was with my buddy Tyler and he said Stephen from Love and Theft is coming to hang and you guys are just gonna be buds!  Well…I loved the song “Angel Eyes” so I thought, “Wow, this is cool!” Stephen walked in, didn’t realize I was Tyler’s buddy he was about to meet and he said “hey dude, you look like someone I’d be friends with. I dig your style!” Shortly after, he realized I was the friend Tyler had told him about!

Working with him is always fun…from touring and writing songs to producing records.  Stephen is such an incredible singer and at one point Stephen Liles and Chris Young were both in the studio as I was cutting the vocals. You think that’d be stressful but both of them are so pro and such good guys that it just made me sing even better.
NCC: What was the song process of choosing the right tunes for the project?
When I planned this record I wanted the absolute best songs I could find rather. Whether that meant me writing them or me getting pitched songs by an incredible list of writers. It worked out that I wrote a few and some came from friends like Benji Davis, Corey Crowder Tyler Reeve, Jonathan Singleton and Austin Jenckes who are all just incredible songwriters. You can’t go wrong when you’re planning a record and getting pitched ideas and songs from that list of guys.

NCC: What was special about this album for you?

The most special thing about this album is that I’m a fan of it. From the recording process to the work and passion that was poured into it, and most importantly I’m proud that I can listen to it and say, “yep…that’s the best I’ve got right now and this is the sound I’ve been wanting to create since I started music.”

NCC: What is next this summer for you?

This summer I’m looking forward to releasing the album out at Stoney’s in Vegas, then touring as much as possible to get this music out to the fans. I’ll also be doing a lot of work with several charities that I love so there’s a lot going on. I’ll also be on a national radio tour, visiting some awesome stations and venues.