JoLivi2018Emerging talent and Hawaiian native, JoLivi, released her newest single ‘Vinyl’ on Friday, March 9th. The flirtatious track was written and produced by Mark McKee, with the idea of experiencing moments that are classic and unfiltered, just like vinyl. The tune certainly succeeds in setting a classic old school vibe, centering the lyrics around several iconic examples like jukeboxes, box stereos, and of course, vinyl records.

“Loose change on a Friday night/ Jukebox in the corner of his eye” she sings with a rock ‘n’ roll feel. “Spin me around, yeah/ You love the sound of that box stereo comin’ in loud/ I’m vinyl, let your needle touch my groove.”

Inspired by her grandfather, a Hawaiian singer/musician, JoLivi strives to create songs with a story that make the listener feel as though they’re right there. With a soulful and gritty sound, the young artist is unique in the sense that she’s able to bring the Hawaiian island flavor to country. So what’s next for JoLivi? She’ll be working on new music with hopes of hitting the road in the near future!

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