bf5884b9-4ad1-4998-b987-30bf09241342Georgia native Eric Dodd celebrated the release of his new EP “FUN/FIRE/RAIN” last night (9/28) at Nashville’s 12th and Porter.  Dodd’s video for “Outskirts” reached the #1 spot on CMT’s 12-Pack Countdown as he continues CMT’s Artist Discovery campaign.  Fans can watch the music video here.

In honor of its release, Dodd took the stage at 12th and Porter to perform all six songs on “FUN/FIRE/RAIN.”  The EP was produced by Jesse Triplett, who is Dodd’s former high school bandmate and now lead guitarist for Collective Soul, and it also marks the anniversary of Dodd’s move to Nashville.

“I’ve been doing this music thing for a while now; playing all over Georgia, theaters, college bars, country clubs, you name it.  It’s quite an honor to see all the time, work and passion I’ve been putting in finally pay off.  I’m proud to be named a CMT Discovery Artist and so happy they love my video for ‘Outskirts,’” says Dodd.

“This EP is reflective of everything I’ve been through as a teen and young adult, and is kind of my introduction to the world as an artist.  I hope the lyrics, my story, will speak to a lot of people.  A little partying, a little love makin’, and a little heart achin’,” laughs Dodd.  “’Fun’ and ‘Outskirts’ are party songs.  ‘Burned,’ and ‘Relapse’ are true stories of heartbreak and ‘Rain Rain’ and ‘Damn Love’ are both lighthearted, and will even make you nod a little,” explains the Georgia native.

Before performing his song “Dynamite” last night, Dodd told the crowd there was another reason to celebrate: the song had just been cut by a major artist and will hopefully be heard on the radio by early next year.  Dodd’s EP is now available for download at all digital retailers.

Track Listing for ‘FUN / FIRE / RAIN.’

1. Fun (Eric Dodd, Thomas Archer, & Bruce Wallace)
2. Outskirts (Dodd, Archer, & Wallace)
3. Rain, Rain (Dodd, Archer, & Wallace)
4. Relapse (Dodd, Archer, & Wallace)
5. Damn Love (Dodd, Archer, & Wallace)
6. Burned (Dodd & Andy Miller)

Eric Dodd performing live and celebrating the release of his new EP at 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN

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