EricChurchEric Church performed at the Opry on Wednesday night (10/04) but before his performance the singer opened up about the tragic event which happened in Las Vegas.

Church performed on Friday night at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas, and mentioned seeing the same crowd who would sadly be shot down by Stephen Paddock.

Church talked about jumping off-stage into the crowd to greet the fans personally and kept saying, “This is my crowd.” But the bone chilling story came when the singer discussed fan Sonny Melton, who was in the news for losing his life protecting his wife while shots rang out. Church said the two had Opry tickets and how Church was Melton’s ‘person’ he wanted to see. “There’s some empty seats and that’s their seats,” the singer somberly stated to the Opry audience.

The performer then launched into a new song dedicated to Sonny Melton: