Written by: Blake Stewart

Ever since Louisiana native Dylan Scott was a kid, he had hopes of coming to the Music City to follow in his father’s footsteps of being a country artist. Scott made his first trip up to Nashville when he was 15 years old and shortly before his 19th birthday accepted a contract with Curb Records.

Scott’s breakout hit single “My Girl,” a track inspired by his wife Blair was released shortly after the two married and would gain significant radio play and praise throughout the country music scene. Scott shares his tinder side in this love song dedicated to his wife and fans instantly fell in love. The song would later be repeated as the highest charted country single in its week of release at #30. The song was certified Gold by the RIAA in June and has sold 303,000 copies in the U.S.

Scott is bringing fans some brand-new music and a deluxe edition of his self-titled debut album. Three new tracks join the original album’s 13 songs. Seven of those songs, Scott co-wrote and each song portrays a piece of his life. The album reveals a personal side of Scott to his fans.

The album transitions into high energy in the anthemic track “My Town” where Scott represents his hometown loud and proud. The nostalgic track looks back on the good times of growing up in a small town where everybody knows everybody. “It’s in the middle of nowhere but I call it home,” Scott sings in the song for small towns across the world. Following suit of nostalgia “My Town” is followed by “Beer Buddies” reminiscing on good times with old friends and the importance of having close friends by your side.

With the up-beat songs on the album great for a live setting, Scott also provides fans with some heart-felt ballads in songs like the piano-based “I Lost You” and “Do You Think About Me,” where Scott sings emotionally about losing an ex-girlfriend and the difficulty he faced of moving past that. These heart-felt tracks show an emotional side to the singers past and the struggles so many face with getting over a break-up.

Scott serenades listeners with the new track on the Deluxe album entitled “Sleeping Beauty,” performed as an acoustic set. Between the slow tempo and Scotts’ warm vocals, the tune will have you longing for love. The opening lyrics, “You pull the covers off the bed, pillow stuck between your legs, Oh, what a beautiful mess, My T-shirt never looked so good” shows Scotts’ tender and caring side. Scott wrote the song with fellow artists Lee Brice and Matt Alderman.

Another track on the Deluxe album is “Hooked” which Scott debuted the music video in front of a live audience. The song pays tribute to the country tradition of falling in love fast and hard. It’s a well-crafted tune which sounds great live.

The album ends with the track “Rules”, a track on being reckless and breaking all the pre-conceived rules that come with dating.

The 13-track release shows the different sides of Scott. He pours all his emotions into each song and shows his emotional and caring side and that he, like the rest of us have experienced and heartache, but can prevail through those tough times. His passionate vocals are shown on each track where Scott pours his heart out. Scott does an excellent job on the transition of songs on the album whether it’s a heart-felt love song or nostalgic reminiscence of spending time with his beer buddies in high school.

Dylan Scott