DustinLynchmusicvideoBroken Bow Records star DUSTIN LYNCH plays an outlaw who’s living on love in the video for his new single, “Good Girl,” an action-packed thriller premiered exclusively on Esquire.com yesterday (09/06). See the video down below today.


Directed by Mason Dixon and filmed amid the desolate beauty of the Mojave Desert, the cinematic clip places Lynch and a dark-haired vixen in the role of a modern day Bonnie & Clyde, running from the law with their hearts leading the way. But to find out if Lynch and his partner in crime end up like their famous real-world counterparts, fans will just have to watch and see. 


“It adds a tougher side to this song,” says Lynch to Esquire. “It was hard to not be right on the nose with [“Girl”] because it’s a very fun and bubbly and light. We had several meetings where I thought I had great ideas and would go in and pitch and then people would start poking holes in it. It was tough, we’re always trying to do something that people want to watch more than once. [Director] Mason Dixon knocked it out of the park.”