Amidst the crash of Webster PR due to sexual harassment charges against the company’s president and CEO, Kirt Webster, the Nashville firm officially lost one of their leading clients, Dolly Parton, Thursday morning when her name disappeared from the firm’s website.

Parton took to Twitter to offer her fans what comfort she could.

Parton is not the only client who has left the firm. She’s accompanied by a long list of artists, including Kenny Rogers, Kid Rock, Billy Ray Cyrus, Hank Williams Jr., Kenny G, Tanya Tucker, Big & Rich, the Oak Ridge Boys, William Michael Morgan, Jeannie Seely and LoCash.

“The shocking accusations of sexual assault and mistreatment of others I take dead seriously,” Kid Rock says in his address to blogger Bob Lefsetz. “I never witnessed or heard about any of this outside that he was probably gay, which I could care less about … I hope to God this shit he is being accused of is not true as he has been nothing but a good friend to me. But if it comes to light that it is, I will be the first to cut the head off the snake.”

Two leading publicists Jeremy Westby, Webster’s second-in-charge, and Scott Adkins have since resigned their positions at Webster to create their own firm. It’s also confirmed that Billy Ray Cyrus was added to Adkins’ lineup.

It was said Wednesday that Westby would take over Webster PR and the company would resume with a new name of Westby PR, but Westby has now created his own site, separate from Wesbter’s, which includes a growing lineup of artists like Rogers, the Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny G.