Written by: Mariah Crom

From the hills of West Virginia, the Davisson Brothers Band is breaking into the scene with their newest album Fighter. Known for being authentic and detailing their personal lives into their songs, this 8 track project does just that.

The single “Po Boyz” paints the very picture you’d expect All-American country boys to live, including the jacked up trucks covered in mud, shootin’ guns, ATVs, and of course Friday night parties in the hay fields. “Ain’t got a dollar/ spent it all on good times and beer/ we got girls from the country/ so hot, better than money/ shotgun ridin’ right beside us/ wouldn’t trade nothin’ for the life of a Po Boy”.

Made up of brothers, Donnie and Chris Davisson, and longtime friends, Aaron Regester and Russel Reppert, the bunch proudly come off as rowdy, bar hangin’, beer-drinkin’, rugged, redneck boys who are all about having fun. And while that’s mostly true, the new album also gives a glimpse into a more sentimental and empowering side. The track “Breathe” takes on a more serious note about rising up and overcoming the pain of a past lover by going through life one day at a time and learning to “breathe again”.

The title track “Fighter” is a slower-paced ballad and intensely sings of loyalty to family and friends, and standing up for one another and their beliefs even under the most difficult circumstances. They sing “We stand up for what we believe/ we’re fighters/ true survivors/ we don’t turn our backs and run from no outsider. If you fight one, you fight us all”.

“Get Down South” and “Let’s Build A Fire” are both upbeat, rockin’ tunes perfect for a good time.

Full of patriotism and a mixture of Southern rock with country, Davisson Brothers Band’s Fighter is all about genuine hard work, traditional values, and havin’ lots of fun and will draw fans from any of those spectrums.

Davisson Brothers Band