Written by: Torben MacCarter

David Shelby’s latest EP Boy Wonder is sure to take country fans down a red dirt road. The new EP’s variety of upbeat and uplifting songs radiates expressions of love, pain, and self-discovery that is sure to get attention upon its release. In this project, David’s simple, yet familiar and catchy tunes blend inventive, contemporary pop with themes of red dirt roads, beer cans, and late night phone calls to upset girlfriends.

The title track, “Back to Us,” on Boy Wonder is also David’s latest single, and shimmers with an energetic and refreshingly thought-provoking take on a high-spirited country tune. David’s unique vocal expression on the track is one country fans will remember, as the Detroit-native blends rock influences into his original, flatbed sound.

With a predictable “a-b-a-b” rhyme scheme, the track “Heaven” brings a passionate flavor to the album that fans will be sure to relate to. The song rotates around the beauty of God, belief, and sunsets, but could dive slightly deeper to build around such a heartfelt and honest theme.