Compressed Cody w-boots (1)Indie country sensation Cody Johnson adds another feather to his cap this morning, posting massive numbers with the release of his new video “With You I Am.”  The heartwarming video made its debut Tuesday on CMT and was posted to Johnson’s Facebook page yesterday.  In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed over 1.6 MILLION times on Johnson’s Facebook page, with a reach of 7,560,000 and 37,000 shares.  In the first 10 hours alone, the video was viewed over 1 MILLION times.


The single has quickly become a fan favorite at Johnson’s live shows, where he continued his sold out streak in November making his way up the West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle.   Johnson’s ticket sales are also staggering having sold over half a MILLION hard tickets in less than 18 months.


With the support of a rabid fanbase dubbed CoJo Nation, Johnson’s music has been streamed over 140 MILLION times in the last 18 months alone.  The demand for Johnson and his music is clear.  He is an artist that stands out from the pack in today’s country landscape. Johnson’s authentic brand of country is resonating with fans nationwide who hunger for traditional country music.  His music has also earned critical acclaim from Rolling Stone,  Billboard and Pollstar to The New York Times.
To view the video for “With You I Am” click here
Download Johnson’s latest album GOTTA BE ME, featuring “With You I Am” on iTunes HERE.
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