ChrisYoung2017Photo Credit: Chris Hollo / 2017 Grand Ole Opry

Chris Young celebrated his #1 song “Sober Saturday Night” at the Grand Ole Opry backstage with fellow collaborator on the song, Vince Gill, and cowriters the Warren Brothers. Young also was given a Gold plaque for his song’s sales and a Platinum one for his album “Neon”. During his set at the Opry, Vince Gill came onstage to present the plaques to the singer but also surprised Young with an invitation to join the Opry as an official member.

Accepting the invitation to a standing ovation, Young answered Gill, saying, “You’re getting triple scale at this point!” Noting his surprise, he added, “Dang, you got me good! I love you guys. I love everybody here. I love this place.”

Young’s formal induction will take place Tuesday, October 17, just days before the release of his 7th album, Losing Sleep.

Check out the video down below to see it unfold: