New album “Beau Weevils – Songs in the Key of E” reinforces Charlie Daniels as a musical icon. The album is a product of a collaboration with longtime producer James Stroud and Daniels, but this time the producer joined the project as a musician. Daniels previously stated, “James is one of the finest and most soulful drummers in the business and I figured we could get together, musician to musician, and come up with something special. We just needed a vehicle in the form of songs that would fit the bill.”

That idea took off like wildfire, and the result was 10 tracks that Charlie Daniels wrote or co-wrote which creatively showcase the performer’s musical diversity as an artist. Kicking off the project with the gritty track, “Geechi Geechi Ya Ya Blues,” fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear another side of Daniels.

The singer also explained how the creative process began by saying, “The whole thing started one day when I, as I often do, was fooling around with my guitar and came up with the opening riff on a song that eventually turned out to be ‘Mudcat,’” stated Daniels. “That song set the style for the rest of the songs I would write, that all lent themselves to being played in the key of E, hence the title.”

The song “Mudcat” draws from a Blues-inspired style for the country singer. Other notable musicians on the album include Billy Crain on guitar and Charlie Hayward on bass. The project was produced by Stroud, Casey Wood, and Daniels’ manager, David Corlew who served as executive producer.

Stream the project now on Spotify:

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