Beau Weevils – Songs In The Key Of E Review

New album "Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E" reinforces Charlie Daniels as a musical icon. The album is a product of a collaboration with longtime producer James Stroud and Daniels, but this time the producer joined the project as a musician. Daniels previously stated, "James is one of the finest and most soulful [...]

Krystal Keith – Boulder Review

Written by: Mariah Crom Boulder is Krystal Keith's exciting first release since the birth of her daughter in 2015 and the recovery from a serious car accident just last year. Including 5 tracks and a duet with Lance Carpenter, the EP follows her debut album Whiskey & Lace, where Keith's primary focus was showing off her [...]

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Darryl Worley – Lonely Alone Single Review

Written by: Tayhlor Stephenson Daryl Worley, the man whose vocals delicately delivered the 9/11 tribute and true American anthem “Have You Forgotten?” returns to the country music scene with a new single and what’s sure to become his comeback track, “Lonely Alone.” From the number’s opening instrumental, the listener is completely roped into a traditional [...]

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Shenandoah – Noise Single Review

Written by: Tayhlor Stephenson First introduced to the country music community in 1987 with a self-titled album, Shenandoah is back, but they’re not empty-handed. Instead, the group returns with a new, lovestruck single entitled “Noise.” The track’s whimsical beginning strikes the curiosity of its listeners, causing them to wonder what exactly it is they’re in [...]

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