casey dCountry recording star Casey Donahew was surprised by nearly 200 friends and family members Friday night at a party at Cadillac’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards in celebration of his 40th birthday. The location of the bash was appropriate for Donahew, who penned a song about the Stockyards on his very first album.


His hit song “Stockyards” has become a cult favorite and must-play singalong at every Donahew show, so his wife/manager Melinda knew that Cadillacs would be the perfect place to surprise the hardworking entertainer with a fun-filled night off to celebrate his 40th. A great time filled with drinks, food, fun, and laughter was had by all at the Easter weekend party, but it’s back to work for Donahew this week, as he returns to the road for fair and festival performances in Greenville and San Antonio.