BrianOwensWritten by: Catherine Parks

Originally from Missouri, Brian Owens is reminding us what soul music is all about. Owens’ brand new project Soul of Cash just released October the 13th. This new album puts his own unique spin on Johnny Cash’s greatest hits including “Walk the Line,” “Long Black Veil,” and much more. Although there’s a long list of Johnny Cash covers, this album serves homage to Johnny Cash in a special way.

Owens opens with the classic hit song “Ring of Fire” Written by Merl Kilgore and June Carter which begins with a catchy drum solo and infectious bass line. Owens’ soul-drenched voice carries the melody throughout the song. Also, the background vocals are the perfect addition to Owens’ soul-drenched voice as they bring us back to church and remind us of Owens’ gospel roots.

Owens then speeds it up with “Folsom Prison Blues”; it’s almost a sequel to Cash’s well-known song. Owens’ creativity as an artist really shines through on this fun upbeat track and may be one of the most original renditions of Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” thus far.

Closing out the project, we get to hear Brian Owens collaborate with Rissi Palmer, on “Soul In My Country.” Palmer mentions in an interview with the Nashville Country Club, the two co-wrote the song together which came about almost overnight thanks to technology. “The lyrics instantly hit me in the middle of the night so I went to the bathroom to write so I wouldn’t wake up my husband, sent the lyrics to Brian, and to my surprise, he was awake and instantly emailed me back”. The two performed the song together in Nashville’s The Back Corner for Owens’ album release party and this was without a doubt one of the highlights to a successful night.