Brady SealsGrammy-nominated hit singer/songwriter Brady Seals is announcing a unique educational opportunity for the rising talent in this business. He is passing his songwriting techniques and music industry knowledge to emerging acts in a very unique way, by launching his Mentoring and Songwriting Sessions.

During a mentoring session, one can learn the art and business of songwriting and the overall process of how the music industry works from a 30-year music industry professional.

They will be able to have a four-hour one-on-one session with Brady to pick his brain and find out how to craft a hit song. Want him to critique your songs? Need help in finishing a song? Need help on how to demo them the right way? Want to know who to pitch them to? Want to make a killer sounding demo on a tight budget? Want to co-write a brand-new song with him? Do you need help with avoiding the pitfalls of the music biz? Need advice or guidance? Here’s your chance to get some invaluable advice.

“As we continue the growth within the music business, it can get overwhelming at times, especially for the new artists,” says Brady. “This is an exciting process for everyone and there’s a lot to learn. I feel like I can offer invaluable guidance and help these singer/songwriters craft their career.”

In scheduling these mentoring sessions, one can customize with the following choices, but not limited to:
-Lyric Writing: Tools and Strategies
-Lyric Writing: Writing from a Title or from a Melody
-Writing Hit Hooks & Melodies
-Song Inspirations
-Song Structures
-Songwriting for Film & TV
-Producing Pro Demos with Pro Tools
-Collaborative Songwriting
-Music Production Fundamentals
-Finding your Niche
-Registration of your Songs
-Publishing 101
-Basic Nashville Number System
-Finding the right producer, studio, musicians, etc.
-Making the right industry connections in the business