Tree Vibez

Pictured (L-R): Back Row – Tree Vibez Music’s Leslie DiPiero and Tyler Hubbard; BMM’s Mike Molinar and Michelle Attardi; Front Row – Daniel Ross

Big Machine Music and Tree Vibez Music are excited to announce a historic joint music publishing venture with the signing of emerging songwriter-producer Daniel Ross to an exclusive songwriting agreement. 

Combining the heavyweight reputation of BMM’s hitmaking track record with the nurturing, inspirational focus of Tree Vibez Music – an upstart firm founded by Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard – the new venture is a first-time fusion of established song publishing success and pure, unbridled creativity that will provide an ideal space for this promising young talent to flourish.
“Daniel’s music is current, commercial and shows an immense respect for the craft of songwriting,” says Mike Molinar, BMM General Manager. “I am incredibly honored to have him join our team of uniquely talented songwriters and equally excited to collaborate with our friends at Tree Vibez Music on this partnership.”

Tree Vibez

Pictured (L-R): Back Row – Tree Vibez Music’s Emily Peacock, Adam Romaine, Leslie DiPiero and Tyler Hubbard; BMM’s Mike Molinar, Michelle Attardi, Jillian Whitefield and Alex Heddle; Front Row – Daniel Ross

Both FGL members take a hands-on approach with their Tree Vibez Music songwriters, helping to hone in on each one’s unique talents. Ross will be no different and soon jump head first into his new role, boarding the Tree Vibez Bus to collaborate with big-ticket artists like FGL all around the country.
FGL’s Tyler Hubbard notes, “BK and I knew from our first writing session that Tree Vibez Music would sign Daniel one day. There was energy and flow to his songwriting that we knew was fresh. And, to team up with Big Machine from the publishing side is different and really exciting for us!”
Newly appointed TVM General Manager, Leslie DiPiero adds, “We are thrilled to welcome Daniel into the family – and to further extend our family to this new partnership with the Big Machine Music team. This is going to be an incredible journey!”
“This is a dream crew to work with and I’m blown away that this is a reality for me,” says Ross. “I’ve never been more excited about creating music.”
Ross moved to Nashville following his graduation from Western Carolina University in 2015 and quickly immersed himself into prominent songwriting circles. A native of Hope Mills, NC, Ross spent his formative years playing in and producing local bands throughout the Southeast.