The Nashville Country Club delivers the latest Country Music News & Country Music Video coverage of events in Nashville. Our site contains Country Music interviews with Nashville Country artists, as well as LIVE concert-footage from different events we attend.

We are providing FREE content for Radio and Mulit-Media web sites & entertainment to our viewers.

History of The Nashville Country Club: Our vision began from seeing a need for artists to connect with their fans on a more personal level. The site is a Fan Center for watching News, Interviews, & Performances from the Country World in Nashville. Given the popularity of You-Tube, Facebook, &Twitter we have seen Videos rise in popularity for fans. Whether it be an intimate Artist performance or an Artist talking about their general likes & dislikes in Interviews, we want to bring you to the front-row of Nashville.

The Nashville Country Club is operated by Hart Media, Inc., a Nashville, TN based multi-media company founded in 1996. Hart Media also operates Bullseye Marketing Research, Radio Feedback and Advisor Data Systems, LLC.