Written by: McKennan Henninger

A Thousand Horses is back with new music on their 13-track project, “Bridges.” Their new songs continue to show the same southern rock influences as their debut album “Southernality,” but prove that they have developed as musicians since its release in 2015.

The track “Burn Like Willie” boasts of partying and enjoying that aspect of life, a twist on the fun kind of song expected from A Thousand Horses, while other songs such as “One Man Army” give listeners a chance to engage in the band’s contrastingly sensitive lyrics.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, the band’s singer Michael Hobby said, “‘Preachin’ to the Choir” is the working people’s anthem, it’s about the people that give it 100 percent and are an all-in/all-out kind of crowd,” speaking of their current single. “They work hard, they love hard and they play hard, and that’s what the song really speaks to.”

Other songs on the album are “Blaze of Somethin,” “Weekends In A Small Town”, and title track “Bridges.”

In addition to 6 new songs, the album also includes 7 live recordings of songs from their debut album, “Southernality.”

In a mid-May Instagram caption, A Thousand Horses shared, “We put every ounce of blood, sweat, hard work, passion, persistence, courage, and sometimes literal tears we could muster into these new songs and are over the moon we get to share this big piece of our lives with you.”

Listeners will be nothing short of impressed with the music on “Bridges,” as A Thousand Horses stays true to their distinct sound while still demonstrating their growth.